• Recruiting 900+ AP players
  • End Content Farm
  • 4 Skybreak Spire groups
  • Unique Skybreak Spire points system



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Required classes

   Assassin              -  closed​​ ​​                 Kungfu Master     -  open​​

   Blade Dancer   -  closed​                  Soul Fighter           -  open0

   Blade Master   -   closed                  Summoner              -  open​ 

   Destroyer          -   closed                   Warlock                   -  open

   Force Master   -  closed


• Respect others and c​lan authority - Leader and Veterans
​Do not talk back or argue with the leadership. Failure to comply with a direct order puts your membership in limbo.

Raid leaders are not part of the clan authority - their orders are only relevant to the raid.

• Speak English in clan chat

• No drama in clan chat. If you have a problem with someone else please discuss it in a private message. If needed, make the leadership aware and we will help sort out any grievances.

• No excessive or toxic bid wars. For example, copper wars or purposefully dragging time to annoy the other bidders.

• Represent the clan as a respectable person. Any actions that brings disrepute to the Chrono name may incur a punishment.

• Regarding loot distribution, set rules before entering the dungeon. For example, make it known if you need a particular soul shield piece before it drops.

• Members who fall behind risk being kicked. 'Falling behind' means slow progress on increasing attack power, not learning dungeons properly, and/or lacking damage contribution. Please make it aware to the leadership if you will be away for an extended time.

• Each member (Recruit, member, veteran, advisor, leader) must deposit 30 Soulstones as a membership fee every sunday. This fee goes towards various clan functions. The deposit is mandatory regardless of the participation in any clan events or functions. As we are clan level 15 the soulstones are reinvested for the Lottery or Clan BGs reward. Please make sure they are sent via mail or trade to our treasurer, Chrono Bank. If Chrono Bank is not available please contact one of the veterans.

​• Think carefully before leaving the clan as any BT points or weekly contributions of yours will be wiped.

Skybreak Spire

A number of rules apply to the clan Skybreak Spire raids:

• A points system devised by the leadership is in use. Equipment is distributed with points that are earned through participation time and boss completion. Cosmetics are available through gold bidding. Points prices are set according to the ones listed on the homepage speradsheet. Priority for purchasing is given to those with more points. Secondary accessories may be purchased with points if no one else wants it as a primary. Any equipment that is not wanted will be RNG rolled for no fee between the classes who can use it.

• 4 raid groups are available along with a reserve list. Those on the reserve list are generally put there due to a lack of availability. When raids are due to start, any vacancies in the raid groups may be filled with those on the reserve list.

• Raids will generally gather 1 hour before the raid starts. Anyone who fails to be ready when the raid begins without a good reason will be punished with -10 points per minute away, risk being replaced by another member and will be placed on the reserve list for future raids. Unacceptable reasons will be determined by the clan leadership and include but are not limited to falling asleep and taking longer than expected to complete a dungeon. Early gatherers will be given +10 points.

• When inside the raid the word of the leadership is law. Listen to the leadership and do not order other members in what to do.

• While we want to have fun, completion of the raid is our main focus. Trolling is not permitted. Intentionally wiping the raid will result in a points punishment. Failing to revive yourself upon a wipe will incur a points punishment. Taking breaks outside of the ones set by the leadership will incur a points punishment.

• When purchasing accessories, the one who has priority use the one who may use it as a primary element and has the most points. In a case where a member has many points and wishes to purchase it as a secondary element, they may do so under the '2k rule' in which they have more than 2,000 points than the person who wants it as a primary. If two or more members fall under the 2k rule they must bid war with points with a minimum bid of 600.

• Rerolled characters or those who wish to reroll their primary element may do so by purchasing a 'reroll' before the BT raid for 1,500 points. Upon purchase, your new element will be classed as your primary and gives you priority purchase for accessories unless another player uses the '2k rule'.

• Character alts in a raid will be granted half points to prevent unfair advantages.

• You may not take accessories if you plan on going on an extended leave in the near future that severely reduces your game activity. Please disclose your absence to the leadership. Failure to do so and especially if you have taken an accessory will result in a kick.

 Clan  MSP​​

When part of the clan MSP a few rules apply:

• Party 1/2 remain thrasher to kill it when it spawns.

• Party 3 will be on Lavender Flora and Party 4 on Verdant Flora. Party members must separate themselves in a triangle formation standing in positions where the mushrooms spawn in order to speed up Thrasher's spawn.

• Bid wars are not allowed on soul shields that drop unless multiple party members are involved with the same mob that dropped the loot. If you did not pick up the soul shield and were no where nearby please skip the auction.


The lottery takes place every alternating sunday with the Clan BGs reward, usually in the evening. The contributions from the previous week are reinvested into the prize fund. Prizes are awarded on a random basis.

• New memebers are able to participate in the current week's lottery if they deposit soul stones for next week's collection.

Clan BGs

The Clan BGs reward is given to the Clan BGs team on alternate weeks. This is done so that the BGs team is rewarded for their time and efforts as often they cannot open boxes with no keys. The prize pool is made of the previous week's contributions and is dependent on their performance. 

Position 1-3 = 100% prize pool
Position 4-5 = 75% prize pool
Position 6-10 = 50% prize pool
Position 11+ = none and reinvested into lottery

• The clan BGs team is chosen by the leadership dependent on their pvp skill, gear and availabilities.