• Recruiting 900+ AP players
  • End Content Farm
  • 4 Skybreak Spire groups
  • Unique Skybreak Spire points system



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Required classes

   Assassin              -  closed​​ ​​                 Kungfu Master     -  open​​

   Blade Dancer   -  closed​                  Soul Fighter           -  open0

   Blade Master   -   closed                  Summoner              -  open​ 

   Destroyer          -   closed                   Warlock                   -  open

   Force Master   -  closed

How to Join

Please fill out an application at the top of the page

Leader: Frenzy
Veterans: Hablena, Pirisu, Stack


• Be active, social and friendly - lurkers and persistent solo players not allowed

• Have good availabilities. Play regularly, awkard shift workers please apply to another clan.

• Speak English fluently in clan chat

• Level 900+ Attack Power with elemental Earring/Bracelet and atleast Stage 10/Awakened Crit Soul

• Agree to all the rules listed on the rules page
• Respect the Leaders, treasurer and veterans - do not argue with them. Our word is the law. Refusing to comply to a direct order leaves your position in the clan in limbo.

• Agree to the weekly 30 soulstone deposit on Sundays for clan functions. This must be sent to Chrono Bank.

We are an active, social clan who farms end game content together . Please feel free to speak up in the clan chat should you wish to start a party for a dungeon, daily, pvp, etc . likewise, feel free to join others who advertise available spots for their party.

The Recruitment Process

In Chrono, we try to maintain a high standard of players. That means we are looking for active, Skilled, and friendly people. To do so we have a thorough process by which we use to sift through potential candidates. The first part consists of an application that may be filled out under the 'Recruitment' section. Following an acceptance, we have a discussion in game prior to inviting to the clan.